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Mobile to Many

Need to send a SMS to a single contact Or a group of contacts urgently without access to computer or internet? Don't worry, we have a solution for that..

With our mobile to many feature, you can send SMS to anyone using our bulk SMS gateway directly from your mobile.

1) Send SMS from your registered mobile to anyone, anytime.
2) No internet connection required.
3) Send SMS to a single contact Or a group of contacts.
4) Protected with password to prevent misuse.

How to Use:
i) Go to write SMS option on your registered mobile
ii) type a message in format given below
iii) send it to following number: +919763680202

To Send SMS to a single number
(e.g. 1 password 9898989898 this is a test SMS)

To Send SMS to a group
(e.g. 1 password groupname this is a test SMS)

Please Note: If you are sure that you have sent the SMS in correct format, and still do not receive a confirmation SMS, please do not resend the same SMS again, as it will result in resending the SMS. In such condition, you should log into your account to verify the status of SMS. So, do not send same SMS to server numbers more than once.

Disclaimer: Mobile to Many is offered as an additional feature at no extra cost. It requires us extra networks, softwares & hardwares to make it possible. It includes sender's (client's) mobile network which delivers SMS to our numbers, and is further processed by a hardware/software combination to post it to our server. So, there are chances of non-reciept or delay in recieving the SMS sent by client. Hence, this service should be used only as an alternate, when the regular computer with a internet connection is not available.

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