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Excel Plugin - XL SMS

Presenting XL SMS Version 1.0, a very decent excel plugin to enhance your messaging experience with BEEP7. Now, you can send SMS directly from your excel installed on your computer without logging into the website.

Choose sender IDs from drop down (approved sender IDs)
Send Custom / Personalized SMS to contacts from any excel file.
Send Long SMS of upto 459 characters (subject to account settings)
Scheduled a SMS to be sent at a later date / time.
Shows preview for each number before sending.

Please Note: Each of the following character consumes the length of 2 characters: ^ { } [ ] ~ | \ ?
So be careful while using above characters in your message text.

Your account ID is your login user ID. Please login to your account to know your account ID.

Required .Net Framework 2.0. (Inbuilt in Vista). It can be downloaded from

Disclaimer: The XL SMS Plugin is being provided as is, although it has been tested to prevent any inconvenience to the users. But we are strictly not responsible for any problem that may occur due to user's mistake or a program bug. Use the sotware at your own risk.

Software requires Internet Connection to work.

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